Diddy under investigation by the NYPD

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Over the years, Diddy has become the hip hop party king, throwing events at several clubs in New York City. Diddy started his career throwing parties nearly twenty years ago. Throughout these years, he has had run-ins with law enforcement as he advanced his career through different ventures.

As he has gone through names and even a career as a rapper, he has had many different types of parties. Many of his events are hosted by his record label or his Sean John clothing line. Even though he is over the age of 40, Diddy is still on the club scene, going to after parties.

Recently, Diddy had a police escort to his latest after party. With such a big name, Diddy usually travels with bodyguards and a full team. However, very rarely has Diddy been seen running with the police, but his last party night was an exception to the rule. Diddy was running with the police last night, but now other officers are wondering why.

The NYPD is currently being investigated on why Diddy was allowed to have a police escort from New York City all the way out to New Jersey. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has called out the NYPD police commissioner, Raymond Kelly, on how he allowed this to happen. Bloomberg said the police are here to protect and serve, but no one is to receive special treatment. The mayor said Diddy does not have the right to use the police service like this any time he feels like it.


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