Diamond talks about Soulja Boy

Friday, April 29, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Over the past week, news headlines have been filled with stories about Soulja Boy and Diamond. As a part of Crime Mob, Diamond has been around for some time. It was recently revealed she was dating Lil' Scrappy for most of this time. However, the two called it quits back in 2009.

Last weekend, a picture was shared on the internet of Diamond and Soulja Boy in an Atlanta club. After the photo began being spread across several websites, rumors started about the two dating. The next day, Lil' Scrappy's mother blasted Diamond for leaving her son and getting with Soulja Boy.

When Lil' Scrappy's mother spoke out, Diamond and Soulja Boy confirmed their relationship. Their statement was speaking directly to Scrappy's mother. However, their response did not take a disrespectful tone. Lil' Scrappy also spoke out about the relationship, saying he was happy for Diamond and wished her the best.

Earlier today, Diamond opened up to Dr. Jay's about her relationship with Soulja Boy. Diamond said she had been friends with Soulja Boy for some time. The two began hanging out and grew closer. Diamond likes the fact that he is intelligent and he even taught her a few things.


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