Chris Brown teams up with Joe Jonas

Saturday, April 9, 2011

By The Music Scoop
JR Staff Writer

The comeback is official, with three hit singles on the radio and the top album in the country, Chris Brown is back. Now, the biggest name in male R&B, everyone is calling on Brown for a collaboration. Brown has proven to be one of the strongest men in the industry, coming back from all he has been through.

Not only is Chris Brown back on top of his game, but he is also in high demand from all areas. Other artists in hip hop and R&B are eager to work with him and media outlets are eager to interview him. Always happy to be there, Chris Brown is more than happy to work or be interviewed, as long as he is respected.

Some would argue Chris Brown has now hit the peak of his career, coming back much stronger than he was initially. This may be the case, as artists from other genres even want to work with Chris Brown. Three years ago, The Jonas Brothers swept the nation. However, since the rise of Justin Bieber, they have fallen to the wayside.

Joe Jonas is currently trying to launch his solo career. In need of a hit to jump-start his career, Jonas has called on none other than Chris Brown.


Anonymous,  April 10, 2011 at 5:44 AM  

I loved this article very good, and I am happy that Chris is back and doing what he can to help others,like others helped him. I know he is doing well state side but over here in the UK, he's not just doing well, he's slaaaaaying the charts completely! he has 5 Top 30 UK hits right! Champion (with best UK rapper Chipmunk) Yeah 3x, Beautiful People, Look At Me Now (which is number 1 on the Urban Charts) and Bes Luv Song (with T-Pain even though there's no video for it)!!!!! All we need now is him touring here and were good! #TeamBreezyUK

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