Amber Rose turned down by VH1

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

By TV Insider
JR Staff Writer

For months, Amber Rose has been talking about her upcoming reality show on VH1. She has had all of the necessary promotion without purchasing one advertising spot. When Rose began dating rap newcomer, Wiz Khalifa, a feud erupted with Natalie Nunn. Each time she is insulted by Nunn, Rose plugs her reality show.

VH1 has tried different things in order to build an audience. But, it was not until they capitalized off drama when the ratings began to come. Amber Rose packs plenty of drama with her past relationship with Kanye West and her way with men. Many assumed VH1 was going after more ratings with Amber Rose.

Apparently, Amber Rose is working on a reality show, but VH1 has denied any affiliation with the program. When Natalie Nunn releases her next insult on Amber Rose, she will have plenty of fuel. Rose never confirmed the show to be on VH1, but she said she hoped the network would pick it up. The former girlfriend of Kanye West shot a pilot and has been shopping it to several networks.

However, last week, Amber Rose said VH1 picked her show up. Before the story was widely reported, the network has come out to set the record straight.


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