Trey Songz discusses the Sextape Outbreak

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Despite becoming the most intimate man in R&B, Trey Songz has yet to fall victim of nude photos or a sextape. But, other artists, of both genders, around him have not been as successful. Most artists feel having something like that happen to them is embarrassing. Usually, the media picks each move apart and over-hypes the situation.

When things like this happen, other celebrities are often asked how they feel about the situation. Trey Songz has done a wonderful job of staying out of situations like this. The Virginia singer gave his honest opinion on the sextape outbreak, saying he has no right to judge. It is simply one part of becoming famous.

Ray J famously saw his sextape leak in 2006. The leak helped put his name back out there. But, primarily, the tape helped to launch the career of Kim Kardashian. In the time since then, she has become the biggest reality television star in recent years. Chris Brown, a fellow Virginia native, recently saw a nude photo of him leaked to the internet.

While none of this has happened to Trey Songz, he says he knows how to handle the situation. If a sextape or nude photos of him leaked to the public, Trey said he would have no choice but to promote it. He would treat the leak as if it were one of his albums. Many felt Trey Songz poked fun at Chris Brown over his nude photo leak. Despite the two being on good terms, the media has been trying to create a feud between the two artists.


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