Tiny supports T.I. as he Serves Time

Thursday, March 10, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

There was a period in time when Tiny was actually a bigger star than her husband, T.I. Recently, Tiny talked about how hard it was for T.I. to even get with her. Not only was she a star and he a starving artist, but Tiny is also a bit older than T.I. For months, she played with T.I. before giving him a chance.

When she finally gave T.I. a chance, Tiny fell madly in love with the up-and-coming rapper. Before long, the couple was living together and had a few children. By 2003, T.I. had emerged as the bread-winner of the family. Soon, he would be one of the biggest rappers from the South.

As his career finally began to take off, T.I. was sent to prison. Tiny supported her man from home while he was behind bars. After serving a few months in prison, T.I. was released and he put out another album. It was following his 2004 album when things truly took off for T.I. and he built his reputation outside of rapping.

Two years later, T.I. reached a peak in his career and officially took over the game. T.I. was one of the hottest rappers in the game and was the biggest artist on Atlantic Records. It was when T.I. should have been a his happiest when he was at his lowest point. In the middle of all his success, his best friend, Philant Johnson was killed. Following his friend's death, T.I. loaded up on guns for both protection and an act of vengeance. But, he was caught with the guns and arrested before he had a chance to use them.

In 2008, T.I. hit another peak in his career, with his Paper Trail album being met with critical acclaim and high record sales. For the first time in his career, T.I. had an album release nothing but top five singles. T.I. went to court for his gun charge and was sent to prison. For seven months in 2009, T.I. served his time behind bars and Tiny held him down with her "Tiny & Toya" show. Going to prison meant T.I. had to give up his career for a little while.

Before he could even get out good, T.I. picked up a drug charge and was sent back to prison. Now serving his third stint in prison since getting with Tiny, she knows how to handle things. Despite her husband being away, Tiny has remained the loyal wife. She has gone about running the household on her own, while waiting on T.I. to get back. While his frequent lockups are frustrating, Tiny realizes it comes with the lifestyle both she and T.I. decided to live.

While T.I. is serving his time in prison, Tiny is supporting him all of the way.


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