NeNe Leakes and Star Jones find truce

Friday, March 18, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Ever since she rose to fame on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," NeNe Leakes has been known for her aggressive attitude. It does not come as much of a shock to discover she is feuding with someone. When she joined "Celebrity Apprentice," most knew it was only a matter of time before she found a rival.

With Omarosa now working in her own ventures, billionaire developer, Donald Trump, has been in need of a new female sidekick. NeNe Leakes has gladly stepped up in order to fill that void. But, Star Jones, a woman with a television history much longer than Leakes', is also in the running. From the start, the media pitted the two ladies against each other.

Throughout most of the filming for the show, Leakes and Jones gave in to what the media wanted and had on-air disputes. In the media, the women have taken turns disrespecting each other. The feud has been the source of much entertainment over the past few weeks, but it has not been entertaining for NeNe Leakes and Star Jones. Many television shows want Leakes in the cast because of her attitude. But, she is also limited because most people think NeNe Leakes has trouble getting along with other people.

Earlier this month, there were rumors of NeNe Leakes possibly being removed from the cast of the popular series, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Despite being one of the original cast members of the show, her attitude was too much to bear. Ever since the start, NeNe has had problems with Kim Zolciak, but it was also said that she was going against the executive producers. It was said that if Leakes did not change her attitude, she would find herself ousted from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Possibly, because of this, she has been working on her attitude.

After months of feuding with each other, NeNe Leakes and Star Jones have put their differences aside and decided to work on becoming friends. Bigger than everything else, they are two black women and it looks bad when they cannot get along on television. Rumors say this was the main reason the two decided to put an end to their silly feud.


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