Monica wants her own Talk Show

Monday, March 14, 2011

By TV Insider
JR Staff Writer

As a singer, Monica has had a very successful career that spans well over ten years. Following a short break, Monica pulled off a comeback last summer. Multiple times, Monica proved she can dominate the music industry. Not only has she used her music for entertainment, but she has also used it to inform.

Monica realizes her talent is not only a way for her to provide for her family. Early on, she realized her growing popularity could be used to help others. She credits much of her success due to her giving spirit. Even with a giving spirit, Monica could not help the slide in the music industry.

No longer a big name in the game, when the major names experienced low album sales, she did too. Fortunately for Monica, she is in a situation where she is not fazed by record sales. Instead, Monica is only concerned with the well-being of her children and the fans. Last year, her biggest thrill came from reuniting with former collaborator, Brandy.

Now, Monica wants to take things to the next level. While she still loves to sing and plans to continue recording music, Monica wants to do more. Her spirit is definitely a giving spirit and she wants to do more to raise awareness of the problems around the world. Monica is trying to use her superstar status to land herself a talk show. On this talk show, Monica would inform the people of exactly what is going on all around the world.


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