Jay-Z is worried about Rihanna

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Early in his run as the head of Def Jam, Jay-Z met a young girl who would redefine music. During the late summer of 2004, Rihanna began spending time around Def Jam. Before the end of the year, she had been signed to the label by Jay-Z. The two developed a special bond and Jay-Z worked closely with Rihanna.

With the guidance of Jay-Z, Rihanna became one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. Jay-Z received major props as a big-time record executive because of Rihanna's hits. Because they were so close, there were rumors of Jay-Z cheating on Beyonce with his young protege`.

Those rumors proved to be false, as Rihanna soon began dating another young star in Chris Brown. Around the same time, Jay-Z made things official and married Beyonce. Still, he was spending a lot of time with Rihanna, helping her with her new music. When Brown and Rihanna got into their public fight, it was reported that Jay-Z hit the ceiling and wanted to hurt Chris Brown.

Two years later, Rihanna has gotten past the abuse and is one of the biggest sex symbols in the entertainment business. Despite rising to become one of the biggest pop stars on Earth, Rihanna has become very stressed and her decisions reflect this. Donald Trump is highly upset with Rihanna after she lied to him about being sick and missing his charity event. The negative press she has received from this has caused Rihanna to act differently.

Because of everything, Jay-Z is worried about Rihanna. With all of the stress surrounding Rihanna, her former boss just wants her to get some rest. Despite no longer being with Def Jam, Jay-Z still works with Rihanna, as she has entered a management deal with Roc Nation.


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