"The Game" doing well on BET

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

By TV Insider
JR Staff Writer

When BET began airing new episodes of cancelled sitcom, "The Game," the episodes were met with negative reviews. Many publications slammed BET for turning "The Game" into a ghetto series. For decades, BET has been getting slammed.

Following thirty years of failures, BET has finally started to get it right. Right when the network begins to do right by the target audience, the mainstream begins to complain. The first thing BET did was turn the former low-rated sitcom into cable's highest rated sitcom.

One reason why "The Game" was met with negative reviews was because the characters were trashed. Malik was always cocky, but on the fourth season, he was downright ignorant. Derwin had always been gullable, but he ended up turning his back on his own son with little proof. Melanie always had insecurities, but she would have never swabbed a baby. Tasha was always a little rough around the edges, but she was never this materialistic.

But, critics fail to realize the show has moved ahead two years, just like the rest of the world. Derwin went from being a benchwarmer to the biggest football star in the world. Because of his superstar status, he can only trust a few people, the one person he trusts is Melanie, his wife. Malik is not only cocky, but insecure as everyone else is moving on with their life and he has already seemingly reached his peak. His actions are not because he is cocky, but because he is scared.

The reason Tasha is acting out of character is because she has more money. As the season has gone on, all of the characters have been checked because of their faults. Malik went into rehab and he has come out a better man, with a supermodel girlfriend. Melanie is still going through issues, but what woman wouldn't if they had a husband with a profile as big as Derwin's. Tasha has been checked by Terrence J's Dante character several times because of her materialism.

BET took "The Game" to new lows in order to elevate the series to new heights. Never before has a network been so involved with one series on the lineup. If anything, BET should be praised for their efforts with "The Game," especially with their own season four.


Anonymous,  March 9, 2011 at 6:22 AM  

Excellent analysis. My thoughts exactly. However, if people have problems with the series they should direct them to Mara and Salim Akil and stop using BET as a scapegoat. Mara has stated in many interviews that BET has given her more freedom than the CW to make the show as she wants it to be. BET is just facilitating her.

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