Chrissy Lampkin says "Love & Hip Hop" orginally focused on Jim Jones

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

By TV Insider
JR Staff Writer

With the series premiere of "Love & Hip Hop" last night, one of the stars opened up about the show. Originally, the show was not about the women of hip hop. Before focusing on the girlfriends of Fabolous and Jim Jones, the show was to be about Jim Jones.

Initially, the businessman of Diplomat Records, Jim Jones began rapping in 2004. He released two albums in 2004 and 2005 before hitting it big in 2006. Jones' single, "We Fly High," became an anthem in 2006. The song, along with a high-profile feud with Jay-Z, made Jones into a hip hop king.

However, Jim Jones has been on a steady decline ever since he reached the top. Soon, fans found his rapping style annoying. Aside from his style, his flamboyant personality turned many fans off. Initially, fans supported him in his Jay-Z beef, but they soon switched back to Jay-Z, as he continued to break records.

Despite Jim Jones' flamboyant personality, he could not handle being the star of a television show. The series, which would have been titled "Jim and the Family Jones," would have also focused on his family life. Jim Jones hardly ever speaks of his family. Even though he is very vocal, he has done well in keeping his family out of his hectic lifestyle. That reason, alone, is why Jim Jones passed the show up. It was revamped and several other women were brought in to round the show out.


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