Chris Brown was to meet Michael Jackson the day he Died

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

By The Music Scoop
JR Staff Writer

Two years ago, Chris Brown was going through the biggest problem he had ever faced. The singer had made a big mistake and the entire world was watching. Prior to his incident, Chris Brown was well on his way to becoming a legend. Many were trying to make him into the next Michael Jackson.

Most R&B artists, regardless of gender, try to model themselves after Jackson. When artists reach a certain level, Michael Jackson usually met them. Brown, along with Jamie Foxx, were supposed to meet with Michael Jackson during the summer of 2009. Earlier in his career, Chris Brown had met Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson could sympathize with Chris Brown and his woes with the media. Jackson had been watching the news, while he prepared to make some. Since becoming a father to three children, Michael Jackson spent most of his time with them. The children wanted to see their dad be the superstar he used to be, so Jackson built up the energy to put together one more comeback.

Around the time of his comeback, Michael Jackson wanted to meet with Chris Brown and Jamie Foxx. The news of Jackson wanting to meet with them had Brown excited. But, before he was able to meet with his idol, Chris Brown was met with some bad news. As he was preparing to meet with Jackson, the singer died a very public death. With his hero dead and already being in a bad place led to Chris Brown slipping deeper into his funk.


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