Chris Brown projected to sell over 270,000 copies of "F.A.M.E."

Thursday, March 24, 2011

By The Music Scoop
JR Staff Writer

Even with all of the drama, Chris Brown does very well as the bad boy of R&B. Brown entered the game as the ultimate good guy, making music the kids could enjoy. Much of this came from him only being sixteen. But, as he got older, Chris Brown continued to cater to the young audience.

Following his high-profile fight with Rihanna, Chris Brown could no longer pull the "good guy" image off. He attempted to keep the act going, but the sales of his last album halted this. Instead of trying to release another album, Chris Brown hit the mixtape scene. His "Deuces" single introduced the world to the new Chris Brown.

In the days before his F.A.M.E. album came out, Chris Brown has watched a nude photo of him circulate the internet. After being accused of using the photo for self-promotion, Brown lashed out. Later, he was featured on "Good Morning America" and he got highly upset. With all of this going on, Chris Brown has been the center of the media's attention.

The press did not have a negative effect on his music career. F.A.M.E. is projected to sell well over 270,000 copies in its first week. Those sales match all of what 2009's Grafitti sold.


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