Beyonce offers Advice to Females

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Many men and women can agree Beyonce is one of the most attractive women in the public eye. While she is often complimented for her looks, Beyonce is well aware of her flaws. Even she has trouble keeping her man interested, at times.

Beyonce understands looks, alone, will only keep a man interested for a short time. She suggested women should also focus on playing romantic music. Aside from the music, Beyonce advised women to put on some sexy pumps to go along with the outfits.

The main thing Beyonce advises for women is to keep their men guessing. Regardless of how good a woman looks, Beyonce knows a man will get bored after a while. But, if a woman is good looking and spontaneous, their man is more likely to stick around.

In addition to being spontaneous, Beyonce focuses on some her weaknesses. She has some habits which are bound to turn men off. Because of this, Beyonce does the best she can to keep the focus off of these areas by focusing on her strengths. Beyonce has a nice body and she is often working out in order to keep her body in the best of shape.


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