"Are We There Yet?" battled bullies in Last Night's Episodes

Thursday, March 3, 2011

By TV Insider
JR Staff Writer

Ice Cube's career has taken a turn he did not envision during his NWA days. He has shown that some gangsters can grow up. Now, Cube is viewed as a positive role model for the young men in the black community. His positive movies are one of the main reasons for this.

Another reason Ice Cube's image has been viewed as positive is because of his partnership with TBS. It was nearly two years ago, when Cube premiered his sitcom, "Are We There Yet?," on the network and it has become a tremendous success. Ice Cube wanted to use the family sitcom to touch on some of the issues that effect families of all races and he touched on a major topic last night.

Bullying is a problem, regardless of where people live of what they look like. In the first of two new episodes of "Are We There Yet?" on TBS, the episode dealt with bullying. Troy, the youngest child, has a friend who provoked the neighborhood bully. Most of the episode is spent with Troy building up the courage to help out a friend in need. Initially, Troy appeared as if he was going to leave his friend hanging, but he decided he would help him out in the end. Troy ends up standing up to the bully and helping out his friend, all at the same time, before the end of the episode.


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