Olivia discusses Game's disses during her G-Unit days

Thursday, February 24, 2011

By The Music Scoop
JR Staff Writer

G-Unit was on top of the game by 2004. 50 Cent had established himself as the top rapper in the game. But, he did something most popular rappers do not, he developed more popular artists. In 2004, alone, G-Unit posted hits from Young Buck and Lloyd Banks, outside of 50 Cent.

50 Cent envisioned himself fully replacing Murder Inc. Ja Rule was posting platinum hits throughout his career, but he took over the game after he paired with Ashanti. 50 Cent had taken over the game, but he wanted more. He signed Olivia and intended to make her into his Ashanti.

Things were going great by 2005, as they prepared for Game's debut album release. However, a feud broke out between Game and 50 Cent and the movement fell apart. Game went from being the biggest G-Unit soldier to being the biggest rival of G-Unit. Soon, he began releasing several G-Unit disses, targeting not only 50 Cent, but also Olivia.

During her time with G-Unit, Game often said Olivia was transgendered. Even with his frequent disses, Olivia never responded to Game's digs. By 2007, Olivia also saw her self off the G-Unit label, like Game. 50 Cent dissed Olivia and Game immediately stopped. Recently, Olivia opened up on the "beef" with Game. She said she never responded to him because she does not respond to immature people. Olivia never understood why she was being dissed by Game. After all, the feud was between Game and 50 Cent.

Olivia said she always laughed each time Game dissed her.

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