Nicki Minaj addresses Diddy rumors

Thursday, February 24, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Before her feud with Lil' Kim became headline news, Nicki Minaj was rumored to be dating Diddy. Ironically, before the rumors started, "Lil' Freak" by Usher was released to the radio. On the song, Nicki rapped of how she planned to take away Cassie from Diddy.

Not even days after the song's official release, many gossip sites had linked them as a couple. At the time, Nicki Minaj was spending a lot of time with Diddy. Rick Ross was also spending much time with the mogul. It was explained that Diddy was managing both artists.

However, many did not believe the story. They felt it was a cover for Diddy to spend time with Nicki. When Lil' Kim made her feud with Nicki Minaj public, she confronted Diddy for dating her. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, there were rumors that Diddy, then P. Diddy, had been dating Lil' Kim.

Recently, Nicki Minaj discussed the rumors about Diddy. She said she grew up looking up to Diddy and has modeled herself after him, in a way. Because of this, Nicki Minaj could never date him. For anyone who thinks they are dating, Nicki Minaj says they are sick. The idea of her dating a man she has spent most of her life looking up to is sick to her. Nicki Minaj said she looks at Diddy like a Russell Simmons figure, not someone she would "get it poppin" with.


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