Ron Artest launches Record Label with SMC

Monday, December 20, 2010

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Ever since he has been in the NBA, Ron Artest has been in love with the music industry. After the incident with the Detroit Pistons, the troubled star recorded a rap album. Artest had planned to release the album through his own label. But, for unknown reasons, the album never came out.

Despite his rap album never coming out, Ron Artest remained positive. Instead, he focused on reparing his image after leaving the Indiana Pacers and playing for a few different teams. Last summer, Artest joined the Los Angeles Lakers and won his first championship.

Now, everything is looking good for Ron Artest and he decided to give his dream one more chance. With the help of SMC Recordings, Ron Artest created Artest Media Group. The label will officially launch with a full roster of artists early next year. In the meantime, Ron Artest is focusing on building exposure for the new venture.

SMC Recordings already has artists such as Rakim signed to the label. Adding Ron Artest to the mix only builds upon their exposure. Due to the history of the San Francisco-based label, Ron Artest is also very happy with the new deal.


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