Tiger Woods wants to regain His Children's Trust

Monday, November 29, 2010

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Last year around this time, Tiger Woods became the media scapegoat. The multimillionaire golfer was caught with his pants down, literally. Woods had been cheating on his wife, Elin, and she had just found out. Upset, she was doing all she could to beat her husband.

Woods was chased into his car by Elin and soon ended up in a car accident. The wreck made national news and the media was eager to discover what caused the accident. It quickly became clear that drunk driving would not stick, so the media was happy when it was clear he was a cheater.

The past year has been horrible for Tiger Woods as he has lost everything. Immediately, he lost his endorsements and later he lost his wife and children. But, during his time off, more endorsements have come and Tiger Woods is starting to put things back together. While he understands he will never have his wife back, Woods does want his family back.

Despite his children being too young to understand what has happened, Tiger Woods knows he has still betrayed their trust. He has been working as hard as he can to make himself into a better role model for the sake of his children. Tiger Woods hopes one day he can explain what happened with himself and then regain the trust of his young boys.


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