Spotlight: Jeff Riberdy

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

By Talent Search
JR Staff Writer

Right now, the name Jeff Riberdy does not ring a bell. The site is named JR, The Black Entertainment Guide and Riberdy is not black, but he is talented. JR was originally launched as an outlet for people who were trying to break into show business. JR Magazine was that voice, regardless of color.

But, over the years, JR's focus has changed to the black entertainment market. The purpose of this article is not to go back on the promise to deliver black entertainment, but to also focus on those who are trying to break into the game. No, Jeff Riberdy is not black, but he is a man who will become a star.

When we landed the interview with Jeff Riberdy we could not turn it down. Not only does his initials match the site's name, but he is a rising force in the industry. Riberdy has been rising for some time, as he has always been a star in his own right. Before he was doing modeling and acting, Jeff Riberdy held things down in his hometown of Killeen, Texas.

Riberdy played baseball as a child right into his high school years. But, when the time came, he laid the bat down because he was picked up in a model search. From there, Jeff Riberdy left the small Texas town and moved on to New York City. First, he worked with Wilhelmia Models and he now works with the acting agency, Peggy Hadley Ent. Mr. Riberdy's acting career has taken off since he has played in hit plays and has even been nominated for a GLAAD award early in his career.

While he is not on the level of Will Smith and Denzel Washington yet, Jeff Riberdy's time is coming and it may be coming sooner than people think.


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