Mario's mother drops Assault Charges

Friday, November 5, 2010

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Early last month, shocking news broke about Mario. Multiple news outlets reported that the 24-year-old singer had assaulted his mother. Over the years, Mario had always displayed himself as an overall good guy, so the news came from left field. But, a follow-up story made things clearer.

Mario's mother, Shawnita Hardaway, has a history of using drugs and she had promised her son she would stay clean. But, she had gone back on her promise. At the time, she was high and Mario was fighting her off of him. Nevertheless, she filed charges against him and Mario was sent to jail.

The Baltimore singer was charged with second degree assault and put under $50,000 bond. However, Hardaway has now come forward with a different story. As previously mentioned in this article, she admitted to being high at the time. Shawnita Hardaway now says Mario never laid a hang against her.

Now clear of all charges, Mario has come forward saying he will do all that he can to help his mother get past her longtime addiction.


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