Cleveland tells LeBron James what he should do

Saturday, November 6, 2010

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Earlier this year, LeBron James made a decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers because he felt as if he could not lead them to an NBA championship. After playing in the NBA for seven years, James had become the most-popular player in the league and the NBA had forged a rivalry between James, of the East, and superstar Kobe Bryant, of the West. Their rivalry was marketing genius and brought in tons of money for everyone involved.

LeBron James gave all of this up when he decided to join Dwyane Wade's team, the Miami Heat. Four years ago, Wade led the Heat to an NBA title in only his third season. For a brief moment, Dwyane Wade was the most-popular player in the league. But, after this season, James led his Cavaliers to dominance over the Eastern Conference, posting one of the top four records each season. In his final two Cleveland seasons, he won the MVP award and led the team to the NBA's best record.

Despite all of the acclaim and accomplishments, James left Cleveland and rubbed it in the faces of the fans that adored him. That, not his race, or the team he went to, is the reason the media has not forgiven him. He was a part of a multimillion dollar marketing campaign based out of the small market of Cleveland, but still the star of the show. After burning jerseys and threatening his life, the former fans of LeBron James have finally put their thoughts together.


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