Ciara still mourning Michael Jackson's death

Monday, November 29, 2010

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Last year, Michael Jackson shocked the world when he died in the early stages of summer. His death impacted the entire world as people mourned from all around. Even celebrities publicly mourned the King of Pop. In the time since, the media has been eager to dub the next male R&B artist the next Jackson.

Early in her career, Ciara received numerous comparisons to the younger Jackson, Janet. Her dance moves are comparable to those of Janet Jackson and they sing at the same tempo. While she was flattered by the comparisons to Janet Jackson, Ciara said she has to accomplish a lot more before she can think that high.

While she is not on the level of either Jackson, Ciara modeled a lot of her style after Michael. Due to her talent, Michael Jackson reached out to Ciara several times. Both had hoped to collaborate, but the untimely death of Michael Jackson stopped this from happening. Before his death, Ciara had the chance to get to know Michael Jackson and was very fond of him.

When she learned of his June 2009 death, Ciara was devastated like the rest of the world. But, as time has moved on, people have moved on to different topics. Despite the world moving on and working on her new music, Ciara still breaks down in tears. She grew very close to Michael Jackson and she admitted that she is still mourning his death a year and a half after it happened.


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