Beyonce addresses Pregnancy Rumors

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Now that the storm is over, Beyonce has come out to address the rumors of her being pregnant. Ever since she took her relationship with Jay-Z public, Beyonce has been rumored to be carrying a child. In 2006, she admitted she would eventually take some time off to have his child.

Last year, Jay-Z said he had everything he wanted in life except for a child. It appeared as if the couple would soon work on having one. It was definitely not the case. The closest Jay-Z came to having a child was working with the pregnant Alicia Keys on "Empire State of Mind."

Last month, rumors of Beyonce circulated and her mother denied the allegations. She jokingly responded, saying she was the pregnant woman in the family. But, the media took her statement and ran with it until Jay-Z came out to do some damage control. Jay-Z said no one in the family was pregnant and that the rumors were only rumors.

Beyonce said the pregnancy rumors are nothing new. Even before she went public about her relationship with Jay-Z, people said she was pregnant. She said if people actually took these rumors seriously, she would have been pregnant for the eighth time this time around. Beyonce does want to have a family one day, but she does not want it to interfere with her buzzing career.


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