Monica discusses Shannon Brown and Brandy

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Earlier this year, Monica ended things with longtime boyfriend, Rocko. During the breakup, one of the things Monica continued to mention was a lack of trust. Any time she would be away from him, Rocko would cheat on her. Despite the breakup, the two remained friends for the sake of the children.

Following her split from Rocko, Monica mended fences with former friend and longtime rival, Brandy. The result of their renewed friendship was a collaboration. Not long after their reconciliation, Monica landed herself a Laker. While she did not end up with Kobe Bryant, she does date Shannon Brown.

Recently, Brown starred in her video, "Love all over Me," and the two tied the knot in the video. While things are going great in real life, Monica said no one should expect them to get married any time soon. However, Monica did state their relationship is better than most because they are completely honest with each other. In her past relationship, secrets managed to end things.

After years of denial, Monica admitted she and Brandy were not on speaking terms. But, after their meeting earlier this year, the two singers have become good friends. Currently, Brandy is on "Dancing with the Stars" and Monica said she will be voting for her collaborator each and every episode. Despite her support for Brandy on "Dancing with the Stars," Monica said no one should expect to see her on the hit ABC program anytime soon.


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