Terrell Owens focusing on Building a Family

Saturday, August 28, 2010

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Over the years, Terrell Owens has projected a flamboyant image that most boys across America want to imitate. Owens is known for his muscular build, his antics on the football field, and his women. In the territory of having a lot of women comes having a lot of children. Men such as Terrell Owens have almost made it seem cool to have multiple children with multiple mothers.

After years of being a part of the problem, Terrell Owens has been taking steps to make things right. His first major move in the right direction was "The T.O. Show." In this new series, Owens has shown the other side of his life. It turns out, Terrell Owens has not always been the man of the hour. During his school years, Owens was chubby and teased a lot.

Still, no excuse for the way he has acted since being in the limelight, Terrell Owens still wants to make things right. During the first season of "The T.O. Show," Owens reconnected with his grandmother and his cousins. Owens also introduced the world to a few of his women through the show. Now in the second season of the show, Terrell Owens has introduced the world to two of his children and he plans to introduce the rest. Having been out of their lives for most of their lives, Owens is trying to be a father to his children.

At this point in his life, Terrell Owens only wants stability. Trying to turn his player's card in, Owens is looking for one woman to settle down with. Kita Williams, his publicist, continues to say he needs a strong black woman in his life. Rumors say Kita is really hoping he will stop messing around with Kari so he can begin a new relationship with her. Kita has been by Terrell Owens' side at every public event and is highly upset anytime things do not go her way with him. She already knows Terrell's children and they seem to be very receptive to her.


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