Former Diddy contestant lands Oxygen reality show

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Over six years ago, Diddy prepared for another season of his hit television series, "Making the Band." Fresh off the flop of his previous project, Da Band, Diddy was open to new ideas. The mogul decided to shun hip hop entirely for the next season of the show. Until the show premiered, people had doubts.

Throughout the season, Diddy continued to show how dedicated he is to the music. Ever since branching out, he has been viewed as neglegent to Bad Boy Records. But, when it came to forming this new group, he went all out. One of the main reasons the people stayed tuned in was to watch Aubrey O'Day.

O'Day had the look and men across America wanted to continue to look at her. There were rumors of Diddy being one of those men. In 2004, the group emerged to be Danity Kane and they landed a few hits. Despite becoming stars after the show, Diddy decided to bring them back for another season and it did wonders for their sales on their follow-up album.

In an effort to continue the cross-promotion, he mixed them with his Day26 project, until he made the brash decision to disband Danity Kane. After years of rumors between Diddy and Aubrey O'Day, he had left her out in the cold. For the past two years, Diddy has continued to make his frequent television appearances, while O'Day has been a candidate for "Where Are They Now?" for some time. Hoping to avoid this and get back into the limelight, Aubrey O'Day was finally thrown a bone.

Oxygen has linked with Aubrey O'Day for a new reality show to highlight her comeback efforts. The new show is titled "The Aubrey O'Day Project" and it will begin airing sometime before the end of this year.


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