Keyshia Cole in talks with Murder Inc.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

For the first time in her career, Keyshia Cole is in control of her own destiny. Soon after being discovered, Cole was quickly signed to Interscope Records. She signed a three-album deal with the label. In 2008, following the release and promotion of her third album, Cole decided to take a break. During this break, she started a family.

Keyshia Cole has everything she could ever dream of within reach. Cole has a man she loves in her life with NBA player, Daniel Gibson and she has an adorable son. Aside from the family, money will never be an issue for Cole. She acquired this lifestyle from singing songs. Despite taking a break, she has plans of returning in a major way.

Now the power is in her hands because she is proven. Before, she had to pitch herself to labels. The labels now pitch themselves to her. Irv Gotti, of Murder Inc. Records has been close to her ever since the release of her sophomore album. Cole has a strong relationship with Ja Rule and many feel she would be a great asset for the label. If given the chance, she could do very well with the label because there is still a lot of talent surrounding the crew.

However, Keyshia Cole wants to have a much stronger voice and a bigger role than what Ashanti had during her time with the label. Each album Keyshia Cole has recorded, she has had full creative control on. Irv Gotti is known for filling any album, not recorded by Ja Rule, with appearances from the other artists. Cole still wants to work with other producers and artists not signed to Murder Inc. Still, Gotti would love to test her chemistry with Ja Rule. Rule is known for songs he has recorded with female vocalists. Early in his career, he had great chemistry with Lil' Mo and he hit his stride with Ashanti, then bombed with Ashley Joi.

Keyshia Cole may be the female sidekick to help Ja Rule regain his spot in the game.


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