Ciara talks New Album and responds to Lloyd

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Last year, Ciara released her first album in three years with Fantasy Ride. The album was a commercial success and Ciara reached the top ten with her hit, "Love/Sex/Magic." Her music dominated the summer of 2009. Even into the fall, people were still with Ciara as she went on this wild Fantasy Ride.

In an effort to keep her wave going, Ciara stepped right back into the studio after she completed Fantasy Ride. Not only is she very popular, but Ciara finds herself in a creative groove. Her album has come together quite nicely and her video for "Ride" made headline news for a while. Ciara plans to release Basic Instinct later this summer.

Last summer, Ciara was unexpectedly dissed by Lloyd. Early in their mainstream careers, the two were very close. Ciara appeared in the video for his "Hey Young Girl" single. But, as time went on, the two grew apart. Lloyd spoke on their relationship and said they no longer talk because Ciara went Hollywood.

While Ciara's career had hit an unexpected height, Lloyd's career had hit an unexpected low. In 2007, Lloyd was thrust into the spotlight by Irv Gotti. His Murder Inc. label had fallen off and Ja Rule was not being properly marketed. Also, Ashanti could not get a single to stick to the radio waves. The only artist on the label who could receive air play was Lloyd. But, by 2009, not even he could sell records, so the label stopped backing him.

Recently, Ciara responded to the comments made by Lloyd. She said his comments have come from left field because she has not spoken with Lloyd in a few years. The reason is not because she has changed, it is because the two have grown apart, as people do. Ciara said if he reached out to her, she would be more than happy to spend some time with him. She said instead of talking about her to the press the way he has, Lloyd should have been man enough to come to her if he had a problem.


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